Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Day I Will Never Forget

Thursday, June 13 – a day I will never forget.  Today was my daughter's last day of nursery school.  I dropped her off, drove to a nearby coffee shop to get some writing done, and then rejoined the class for parent sing-a-long and snack.  After the party my daughter and I ran through the rain to our car and I then noticed that my abandoned cell phone was going crazy.  Voicemails, texts --- all saying the same thing: We won the Supreme Court BRCA Patent case unanimously.  

I immediately started crying.

"Mommy, what's wrong?"
"Nothing is wrong, honey.  Mommy is very happy."
"I won a fight today that I've been fighting for a long time.  This is going to help Mommy's patients."

And then I thought of all of my patients over the past 18 years and their children, and grandchildren.  
Generations that span into the future --- all of whom will be helped by this ruling.  
I cried harder as we drove home through the rain, thinking of 15 years of fighting for a cause that had all come to a beautiful end.  

Ellen T. Matloff, MS
Research Scientist, Department of Genetics
Director, Cancer Genetic Counseling
Yale Cancer Center